Online blackjack is one of the most popular casino games for players. Widely popularized by its cinema appearances, this game is a mixture of chance and strategy. Learn all about Blackjack today.


Blackjack Rules

How to play blackjack is very easy to understand. To win, it is enough to have a hand which totals a higher number of points compared to the game of the black jack dealer, while being the closest to 21. …


Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is an integral part of the offer available on online casino sites. Considered a game of chance, many strategies can still be applied to maximize your chances …



Live Blackjack

Real players know this, there is no one way to play blackjack online, but dozens. Here we will explore the game mode that most closely resembles real blackjack, the one you play in a casino …


Blackjack Free

If you are starting your blackjack adventure online, we advise you to perfect your learning thanks to our free games. Indeed, the option of free online blackjack is an essential step in life …


Online Blackjack: Our Special Record Is Your Best Weapon

On the front of the scene of casino games called table games preferred by casino players, we find roulette in first position, followed very closely by online blackjack. If you know nothing about this game of chance, you will quickly learn a lot from us. Indeed, we have chosen to devote an entire section to this legendary game to allow you to discover it at your own pace and perhaps make you want to try your luck on it very soon. So open your eyes wide and take advantage of this article to learn more about this legendary casino game that has been a hit from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, as well as on the web!




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You will be able to play blackjack online & win your games more often thanks to this top guide

To win at blackjack, there is no secret: you must necessarily go through serious training, using a reliable specialized platform.

Knowing how to react after receiving your cards, to have the necessary points that will allow you to come out victorious in a duel is not invented … In addition to explaining to you in detail how a game works, we offer you a set of advice learned the most serious theories, such as for example those developed by Edward O. Thorp or Ken Uston: two great pits of blackjack!

Thanks to our techniques, you will become the next “Rain Man”, this genius of blackjack interpreted by Dustin Hoffman in the eponymous film.

Why are blackjack games so successful around the world? Our explanation

If blackjack casino is so successful on online blackjack casinos, it is obviously thanks to the multiple legends that surround it. Indeed, many say that it is possible to use methods to increase your chances of winning drastically in paid online blackjack. These are called basic strategy, card counting strategy or even true-count and have, it is true, offered millions of dollars in winnings to the players who used them.

However, vigilance is essential since these are tips that you will have to take with tweezers. Indeed, the latter, although presented as miraculous, will not always be able to bear fruit. To learn more about these strategies, you can click here. Above all, you will have to learn to play thanks to the blackjack rules that we have prepared for you.

Does the game offer real chances of winning? When winning blackjack is no longer a dream but a reality

Even though it is indeed possible to use a blackjack strategy to increase your chances of winning blackjack, it is important to note that your chances of winning money will essentially rest on chance. Nothing can indeed force fate and make you get a black jack (or red) and an ace to get 21 points, the score making you unbeatable during a game …

Thus, online blackjack casino is no more profitable game than another and if you do not use any strategy, you can only count on your lucky stars to make many wins.

This is the reason why it is important, when playing real money online blackjack, to take into account the house advantage and apply simple techniques to beat the dealer and double your initial bet. Used in this way, blackjack games and other online casino games can pay off…

Where can I enjoy quality games? The best blackjack casino operators are in our reviews

Online blackjack games are enjoying real success on the internet. Many developers of games of chance therefore offer games of 21, but the best thing is that the best blackjack casinos are used to providing players with multiple variants. online blackjack, such as single deck blackjack or the Switch, invented by Geoff Hall.

In fact, unlike land-based gaming establishments, digital casinos have the capacity to store virtually hundreds of games, the good news is that we have a free online blackjack section to train you. Thus, you will be able to take the time to discover an original version of blackjack online casino that will best meet your expectations and play in real mode to get used to its specifics. Thus, in a separate article, we will tell you the names of the online casinos on which you will have to play to take advantage of as many variants as possible.

In addition to this, we will also tell you the names of the operators who offer the best performing live blackjack on the net! So stay tuned to to be sure you are betting on the best online casinos possible.

How to win more on paid online blackjack? By taking advantage of bonuses of course: promotions

Playing blackjack online brings a considerable advantage compared to the games in land casinos: you can benefit from bonuses which will boost your bankoll, and thereby allow you to win more.

Of course, we help you find the best casinos, that is to say those offering a promotion usable on blackjack. You will therefore be offered deposit bonuses, and sometimes even cash, to get started in the best conditions.

Some establishments even offer “à la carte” bonuses, allowing you to choose the type of offer that best suits your expenses. You will therefore find the right shoe for you in these well-crafted sheets …

How to play Blackjack?
Guide updated on 08/13/2019

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