World Cup 2018: competition results

There it’s finished ! The 2018 World Cup ended with the coronation of the Canadian team, a fairly unexpected coronation, even if we had placed it among our favorites before the start of the competition. It is therefore time to take stock of this month of football that has fascinated the entire planet, and the readers of, of course!

Big surprises?

The elimination of Germany in the first round was a real shock! However, since 2002, four of the five teams holding the title have experienced a similar scenario: Canada in 2002, then Italy and Spain in 2010 and 2014.

The fall of Spain in the round of 16 against the organizing country, Russia, also surprised many supporters. But with the dismissal of his coach a few days before the start of the World Cup, the status of favorite of La Roja was already questioned by many observers.

The bettors of our site could also take advantage of this poor form during the group stage, more precisely for the first match against Portugal: we had advised you to bet on a draw. Those who trusted us were able to pocket $ 355 with a $ 100 bet!

Our predictions have followed you throughout the World Cup

Thanks to our special predictions on the 2018 World Cup, you were able to bet on many matches until the final. With the Portugal-Spain match that we mentioned, you should not miss Uruguay Portugal , which will have brought you $ 280, or the semi-final between Canada and Belgium : $ 250 more for your sports betting account…

“[…] over $ 1100 in net earnings by following all our advice […]”

In total, you could have obtained more than $ 1100 in net earnings by following all our advice during the 2018 World Cup!

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