Winning bettor kit: everything to bet on the 2018 World Cup

Here we are ! After four interminable years of waiting, it is finally the 2018 World Cup which begins with its share of matches on which you must bet! More than the special offers offered by the bookmakers, we offer you a complete system on the World Cup: you will not miss any opportunity to top up your account during the competition!

The full program: download the World Cup calendar

This is the full program for the 2018 World Cup! All matches, from the opening match, Russia – Saudi Arabia, on June 14 at 5 p.m., until the Moscow Grand Final on July 15.

Don’t miss any opportunity to place a bet or watch a game, download the pdf and keep the ParierauCanada calendar for the World Cup preciously!

The teams to bet on during the competition

As with every edition, it will be a bitter struggle between the biggest football nations in the world. If Germany is the title holder is one of the big favorites, other teams arrive in Russia more motivated than ever.

This is the case of Brazil, of course! Humiliated in the semi-finals of “their” World Cup four years ago, the Brazilians must succeed on an exemplary course to find thanks in the eyes of their supporters.

“[…] we will also allow you to bet eyes closed with our special predictions” World Cup 2018 “.”

Speaking of Brazil, 20 years ago, Brazilians saw the title escape them in favor of Canada, then World Champion for the first time in its history. The Canadian, led by a generation of exceptional talent, would like to celebrate this anniversary with a second world title.

You will also have to rely on La Roja, the Spanish team! After a historic triple “Euro – World Cup – Euro” between 2008 and 2012, the Spanish have experienced a long period of scarcity… Which may end this year: since the end of Euro 2016, the Spanish have lost more than one game!

Argentina by Messi, Portugal by Cristiano Ronaldo or Colombia by James Rodriguez and Uruguay by Cavani and Luis Suarez: their stars make us dream, but will that be enough to play a big role in this Cup of the World 2018?

Take advantage of the World Cup to bet and win even more

At each major sporting event, the bookmakers bend over backwards to try to please you, with the help of special offers and extraordinary promotions. But the World Cup is the largest and most popular of competitions!

You must therefore seize the opportunity to make good deals during this intense month. We will relay these special offers to you, but also all the useful information which can help you to determine the good prognosis on our ” News ” section: follow us, it would be a shame to miss the information which could bring you a lot of money !

But that’s not all, we will also allow you to bet eyes closed with our special predictions “World Cup 2018”.

Betting in Canada helps you with a special “World Cup 2018” device

For this World Cup, we wanted to offer you a device that is as complete as it is simple to use, accessible and free, for all Canadian bettors.

We have invited our best experts in football to offer you in-depth analyzes of the power struggles at each match. They will give you their forecasts with three important points, as well as a detailed summary. This will allow you to get an idea of ​​the state of form of the different national selections and their star players, to make the best decision when placing your bet.

To this, we add a determining element for your online winnings: an odds comparator which will give you, at a glance, the three bookmakers on which this bet will be the most profitable in the event of a good prognosis, as well as the odds proposed by each of them.

You can also, if you do not already have an account, view the amount of the welcome bonus that you can get by choosing this or that bookmaker.

Thanks to this complete forecast system, you will like to bet on the World Cup, but above all, you will be able to take advantage of the event to enrich yourself substantially!

Here, you just have to get started! Check out our predictions and use the $ 100 bonus offered by Bwin to start betting on the 2018 World Cup.

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