US puts pressure on Canada after legalizing sports betting

The United States was recently one of the few countries to ban sports betting. But recently, the Supreme Court gave a ruling favorable to the legalization of the discipline in all the American states. Even if the decision will revert directly to each of these 50 states, the 1992 law which prohibited the authorization of sports betting is now invalidated. According to experts, this judgment could increase, in the very short term, the pressure on the Canadian government so that, in turn, it completely legalizes sports betting on its territory. This is an opportunity for us to take stock of the current legalization of sports betting in our country.

Where is Canadian legislation at?

In Canada, sports betting is not completely prohibited as it could be in the United States. Each of the federal states has more or less a law authorizing “parlay” type sports betting, which means that it is compulsory to bet on several events at the same time.

Many bills, such as in 2012 or more recently at the start of the current government’s legislature, have emerged to try to legalize all sports betting. None of them has been validated so far. With the legalization of discipline in the United States, the local gaming industry is likely to lose money, which players will invest in the United States.

“In Canada, sports betting is not completely banned as it could be in the United States.”

According to Kevin J. Weber, a lawyer in the Toronto region, specialized in sports betting, there is a good chance that Canadians who will go to the United States will take advantage of it to play. The State of New York, one of the American states bordering on Canada, already seems well advanced in its process of legalization of the sports bets, which can only encourage the players to go to make a turn there.

On the other hand, as far as American online sports betting is concerned, it seems that these are more difficult to access for Canadians. Indeed, in addition to being geolocated in the United States, sports betting sites will be geolocated by state, each having its own law. However, according to the Canadian Gaming Association, it seems that this is what Canadian players are now looking for. The most motivated among them will surely succeed in overcoming these virtual and legal barriers to bet online in turn.

Some Canadian bookmakers have however managed to obtain a special license allowing them to offer sports betting online. This is all the more the case in Quebec, where the legislation is more flexible. Besides, all the bookmakers that we offer on our site have this license.

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